Bonita Vita

Our company is Bonita Vita. The brand for our organic nut butters is Bonita. We are located in Skopje, Macedonia and we started this venture in 2018.

We insist on the best quality of all ingredients. Bonita nut butters are untouched from anything that could harm you (sugars, preservatives, artificial colours, palm oil, gmo).

The final product is extraordinary delicious and healthy.

Our production process and products are certified organic.

We make five different kinds of organic nut butters, listed below with their nicknames:

1.Organic hazelnut butter – “the gold one”

2.Organic hazelnut butter with cacao – ”mind builder”

3.Organic hazelnut butter with cacao and chilli – “hot lady”

4.Organic almond butter – “the fit maker”

5.Organic almond butter with honey and cinnamon – “high potency”

We are so excited to expend and develop our range of products with new organic nut butters with different flavours. We have so many ideas and we would give maximum efforts to stay on consistent quality and offer the best to our beloved customers.

Enjoy with Bonita – taste of happiness.

  • Fruits
  • Honey and bee products
  • Oil seeds and nuts
  • Processed fruits and vegetables