Seed of Life Ltd.

Our companyWe started Seed of Life to enable people to have access to healthy, sustainable food even when life becomes increasingly dynamic and organic food becomes a luxury.Our products are:– completely raw and vegan;-chock full of vitamins, enzymes, fibers, as well as Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids-premium quality ingredients and product-no artificial substances-no GMO-nutritionally rich (Ω3-6, fibre, enzymes, proteins!)-air dried (not fried or baked) Our Products: Raw CrackersCumin & Cashews Wise Crackers The exotic taste of turmeric is paired with the rich creaminess of the cashew nut, and finished with the aromatic flavor of cumin. This gives the product an entirely distinct, mouth-watering quality.Pepper & Pumpkin Wise CrackersThe sharp spice of the pepper is evenly balanced with crisp pumpkin and sunflower seeds. The cracker is rounded out with cumin, which gives a unique, full-bodied taste. Our Products: Organic BarsCocoa Raw cocoa that tingles our taste buds to a child-hood memory of a chocolate bar, now with activated seeds, almonds and dates.MelissaDelicate flavor of lemon balm mixed with dates, flax and activated seedsRefreshing, familiar and always irresistible mixed with dates and activated seedsCalming lavender flowers mixed with dates and activated seedsSimple and powerful: dates, buckwheat and activated seeds WE ARE OPEN TO PARTNERING WITH EXPORT/IMPORT COMPANIES AS WELL AS PRIVATE LABEL BUSINESSES.  

  • Processed and canned food
  • Processed fruits and vegetables

Negotino, Macedonia