ZAUM – Nelkoski Organic Food

The name of our company is “Nelkoski Organic Food” and our brand is ZAUM. We are based in Draslajca village, close to town Struga and town Ohrid. It’s a region with lot of hazelnut producers as the sea level, number of sunny days, water in soil and rains, are making it perfect for hazelnut growers.

Our company is working with organic products and we are certified for our production by certification body. Our main product is hazelnut but we are spreading very fast on new products.

We have been established in 2018 but we have experience in work from 2010.

What is hazelnut paste?

Hazelnut paste or hazelnut crème is an organic product that is consisted only of 100% roasted hazelnuts. They are then put on a mill and very soft paste is created with amassing taste. We have no additive, sugars or oils added. So it’s all natural 100% organic hazelnut content.

From the support that we got from our government, we have also planned to develop 8 new flavors (products). The idea is to have new tastes on the basis of hazelnut crème. So the hazelnut creme will be mix with fruits that are produced by local growers like:

– Hazelnut crème with honey and dry grapes

– Hazelnut crème with honey and cacao (cacao is exception)

– Hazelnut crème with honey and Godzi berry (Lycium barbarum)

– Hazelnut crème with dry forest fruits etc…

What are we producing in the moment?

We are producing the following products that can be packed in private brand:

1. Organic Raw hazelnuts packed in vacuum bags and packed in cartoon bags with opening in the middle.

2. Organic roasted hazelnuts in in vacuum bags and packed in cartoon bags with opening in the middle.

3. Hazelnut crème (hazelnut paste)


  • Fruits
  • Honey and bee products
  • Oil seeds and nuts
  • Processed fruits and vegetables

Draslajca, Struga, Macedonia